Wedding & Event Lighting and Decor

Hiring and sales of LED lighting decor for weddings and functions

New Products

New products on offer:

michelle-wiese-wedding-photography (1 of 5)

Globe light curtain. Something different and also looks great when reflecting against a large window or mirror.

2imagesCAIBDJ69Floating Orbs
Floating Orbs are colour changing: steady on single colour, fade slowing or quickly changing. They look great floating on water e.g. pools or table features. They can also be used as centrepieces, for something different.

Submersible mini LED light tube stringSubmersible mini LED light tube strings

Submersible Mini LED Light Tube String: this replaces the Eiffel Tower Lights as it lights up the vase more effectively with its 20 LED lights. The 1,5m clear cable is fine and very flexible, so one can easily fold it into a narrow vase or through water beads.

Mini LED Pure White[1]Floral mini light strings
Similar features as above. Floral mini light strings brighten up you arrangements or can be used in other creative ways. They come in cool or warm white, pink, purple and blue.

Floral Lights are ideal to light up your flower arrangements. So often the beautiful arrangements fade into the dim light when night falls but with these small but effective lights, arrangements remain stunning thoughout the night.

remote_control_led_tealight1Remote Controlled Submersible Aqua Lights: pack of 12Remote controlled submersible aqua lights
Remote Controlled Submersible Aqua Lights. The the aqua lights now come with a remote, one remote for a pack of 12 lights. Now setup can be done in advance and the lights be switched on at a push of a button, saving valuable time!

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